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Metal detector Pautina-N1

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Metal detector monopanel

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General information

The metal detector is made as a monopanel. Recommended for use where you want to ensure the inspection to detect weapons and other prohibited items, without cluttering the passage of the standard arch metal detector. If necessary, the control zone can be used on either side of the panel. The case can be made of various materials and different colors, which allows you to use this model to implement any design solutions.

Standart features

This section presents the basic standard characteristics. On request, a metal detector can be manufactured with individual characteristics not specified in the description, or with a change in the current parameters.

Case material
Color (optional) gray or black
Passageway width
from 760 mm
Number of detection zones
Password system protection of settings
Factory detection programs
The ability to create personal programs
Setting up with remote control
Pass counter
Light and sound alarm
The "artificial alarm" function
The ability to synchronize multiple devices yes
Minimum distance between metal detectors in synchronization mode
3500 mm
Imstallation place requirements

This section specifies the minimum distances to moving metal objects that may affect the correct operation of the metal detector. Their movement in the immediate vicinity of the metal detector control zone can cause false alarms. This list is not exhaustive.

Distance to metal doors (standard door 900x2000 mm)
from 2000 mm
Distance to the suspended ceiling with metal rails
from 1000 mm
Distance to the wall with metal rails
from 300 mm
Distance to the turnstile
from 1500 mm
Places of using

Institutions with high traffic where the detection of large weapons is required (shopping malls, entertainment facilities, hotels, restaurants, museums)

Additional options

This section contains optional features that are not included in the price of the basic configuration.

Keyboard control
Light indication on the end parts of the panels
"Dry contacts” to connect additional devices
“STAND/WALK” walkthrough controller
Increased passageway
Remote control and indication unit
Connection to a PC via Ethernet interface
Wifi access point for wireless monitoring of MD operation
Measurement of visitors’ body temperature
Case material and colors
Plastic of any color
Acrylic glossy plastic of any color
Artificial stone
Solid wood



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